Sunday, March 30, 2008

Miss Pitt

Miss Lara Croft herself, Angelina Jolie


IGN Host and gamergirl, Jessica Chobot.

Worst Case Scenario

In response to a post by Adam Hines this is my worst case scenario portrait. Me and some friends were talking about what our worst case scenario would be. Basically if we were not in animation and some tragedy had befallen us. My theory is that my scoliosis would take over and I would live the rest of my days very unattractively at the Greater Niagara General Hospital never leaving Niagara to explore the world. For Adam's check out his blog, and just like Adam I challenge other's to do the same drawing in an effort to realize and hope they never come true.

I'm stuck on animation..

..because animation is stuck on me!

My beak-sync and one of the better animations from this year/term. Commence summer animations projects which will prove to be much stronger, as is their intention.


As promised..


is a link to what I have been working on over the past little while. I will be making an effort to get more of it up. Expect another Caricature tonight. I am going to try and push more "style" in them. woot!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lord of the Matrix

Hugo Weaving says 'The ring must be destroyed, Mr. Anderson!'

Blood Splatter Expert

Micheal C. Hall is Dexter Morgan

Friday, March 28, 2008

"Jumpstart" a.k.a "His Name Was Earl" a.k.a "My Turn to Become Awesome"

.. So it is about #!&% I got this thing up and running. After much ridicule, instead of doing the excessive amount of homework we have lined up to do I am updating with the promise of updating it tomorrow with much more and the day after and yes, it will continue FOREVER. Suffice to say, there will be some changes around 'here'. I am sick of feeling like I am producing lackluster stuff and know I am better than what I do, so I am going to start to discover my deepest potential. What will follow tomorrow will be a series of what I am happy with from this, now ending term, after tomorrow I will start my deep project for the summer. I want to get much better at my animation, character and layout in an effort to figure out where I want to go when I am finished this epic quest they call post-secondary and I call the destruction of my bank book.
On top of in depth, reading and researching all the books in my library I have yet to touch this is what I have got planned overall:

3 personal assignments, 2 being lip syncs and one being strong emotional acting. I want to go all out and have something I feel strong about and feel I can impress with enough to get a great internship. The "best" one I am going to digital colour and clean up for my demo reel.

Character and Caricature-
Read and research character design books and character designers i like and draw from their stuff. I want to get an improved sense of small details, in a simplified way. This area is not my strongest focus, I just want to be better. I am going to draw a character a day in my sketchbook. As far as Caricature is concerned, watching the caricatures in the hall inspired me to get better, so every day from now until the first day of next term I will be drawing a different celebrity who I have thought of lately or watched in a move or on tv.

Design 3, high detail, layouts and digital paint them to the quality video game companies are looking for for concept artists.

Other areas-
I want to dabble in 3d and read up on animating in 3d to be prep'd for next year as I m keeping all my options open.

Can I do it?
Tune in tomorrow to see my crap from the school year.
Until then......

Jason Lee as seen in Earl