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Does everyone else remember when people wore backpacks on their back?

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So, I have only mentioned it in passing but I happen to be working on a film right now. That film, temporarily titles 'Food For Thought' stars a obese man who has a love for sugary sweets who gets pulled into a magical candy land and if forced to deal with it's none-to-cheery citizens. This is my 3rd Year Group Project and I am working with an amazing group of people. We go by the name of the 'Classy Asses'.
Featured below is my first animation test of Russell, the character.

Russell ROUGH Animation Poses:

I am not going to be posting too much film stuff on there has I want to be able to present it in it's final state when everything is said and done. This term will also be about 2 other important things. One of which is my portfolio for an internship which I have this summer. I have a few studios in mind and hope that when they see my portfolio they will have me in mind too. Here is some stuff I am throwing together for that.

ROUGH Animation Pose Test:

These two pieces are bothing beind cleaned up, scanned and coloured for my portfolio. The second of them however is a concept sketch which is 4 years in the making. I will be talking about this soon.
Keep checking back!