Friday, December 01, 2006

So close..

The end of the semester is so close I can taste it. Just about hitting the 2 week mark, I receieved my final assignment for Storyboarding today. In 2 weeks I will be 1/8th of a graduated animator anda bachelor of applied arts. Some great accomplishments; I am finished character design, and just literally finished my box fold animation and bone drawings. 3 classes nocked off my list leaving a short and sweet Layout assignment, a somewhat interesting painting assignment, an in-class Digital assignment, an essay, and the storyboarding assignment all to do in 2 weeks. I got to see the new building at my school today. We will be moving into it second semester, purdy snazzy. Looking forward to year 2 when I get my own desk in the studio. The new building got me super excited to say the least. Wooo!

That is my rant, back to homework for me...

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