Thursday, June 05, 2008

Working 9-5, Mon-Fri is tiring and when you get home from that day you really don't want to work or draw, regardless of how fun you normally find it. The toughest night is tonight; Thursday night. You know the next day (Friday) is the last day and by this point you have had a whole week worth of stuff to bring to an exhausted state. TGIF!(tomorrow)

Here is a nice big post for all'y'all.

As you will recall from my previous post, I did go to the Zoo. I did happen to do more than just touch some sting rays. Though that was the highlight, the above are some Orangutans and Mandrills who were out and about. I am wanting to take more of a cartoon or stylistic approach too them and push the animals (not physically) more and more with each visit.
Following the Zoo Drawings are some life drawings I did at Visual Arts Brampton on Tuesday. I happened to go with my roommate Ben and my lovely girlfriend, Kris this time. I turned out some decent stuff for being off my game.
Lastly, I finished off today with some Mall drawing with Andrew and Ben. I have posted a compilation image with a few of the more notable mall-goer sketches I have done.

Until till next time valuable readers!


chumly said...

I just was wonderng if a writer has trouble writing they have writers block. What does one say about an artist that has trouble drawing? Is it artists block too?

Pawsitive Art said...

Great sketches! I haven't been to the zoo in years, but some would argue I have a zoo at my house. :)