Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And here we have the final pass or the screening version of my 4th year film. I am going to be starting layout later in the week. I have done some character design and location design revisions which I will be posting soon. Feel free to comment the Reel though.
I will also be working on a short animation piece timed to music during the break week. A small portfolio animation. I also plan to do a dialogue piece in the future too. I will surely post them here when I have completed them.
I have had a reasonable surge of inspiration due to the Ottawa Festival, seeing Eric Goldberg and having my portfolio critiqued. So much so that I am actually excited to compile a new portfolio, which will probably happen in December.


Kris said...

Super cute, I really like how it has progressed. The audio at the beginning sounds like typing to me though.
It will be exciting to see the layouts and color schemes.

Wayne-Michael Lee said...

The build up to his burst in works really well now.