Monday, November 16, 2009

Finally, here is a snippet of the layout work I have been doing. I have actually been doing a lot of other drawings but keep finishing every post with "layouts coming soon", so figured I should hold off on other posts until I posted some layouts.

I should be posting some of my better life drawings from this yearand posting some animal sketches from the Royal Winter Fair.

Lastly, I will be in Burbank attending the CTN animation expo this weekend. It was very much a last minute plan but I am very excited to talk to employers, attend the events and see everything this expo has to offer. If anyone is going or will be in the area, feel free to drop me a line. For more info about the expo go HERE!

EDIT: I updated my online portfolio. GO CHECK IT OUT!


Leisha-Marie said...

These aren't bad at all. There's a couple of tangents that are killing me, however.
I think that might just be the layout artist-incarnate inside me who, thanks to Scott Caple, has re-emerged.

Jonathan Coit said...

I have talked with both Tony and Scott now and both gave me tips on how to spruce them up and fix the shotty-perspective I had going on in some of them. I will be putting the revised versions in the reel and would love to get your opinion after I post it.

Bernard Joaquin said...

Could use some cowbells. Nice talking to you during CTN Jon.