Sunday, February 21, 2010

I like it rough. (animation that it!)

EDIT: Today feels like one'oh'dem good days. I have decided to post one of the little comic strips which I submitted to
The Escapist (host of Zero Punctuation videos) to try and become their regular webcomics guy. They are having a competition for the position. Go check it out! If I fail miserably I will post the rest here, and probably continue the series right on my blog until I get bored of doing it. Enjoy.

EDITx2: If anyone is noticing the videos are down, it is Blogger. I am in the process of updating everything over to vimeo now. Thanks for everyone who has brought this issue to my attention.

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Dawnson said...

Hey, Thanks for the Vimeo tip. Your stuff is looking pretty sweet too, especially the composited rat scene. Good job.