Friday, February 16, 2007

Science Damn You, Winter!

Take your room. Open all the windows and let winter drift in. Now, turn on your A/C and set it relatively cold. Done that? GUESS WHAT!? My apartment is probably colder than yours!
I lie, but it is still damn cold, and distracting. I have on 3 layers of socks and am wrapped from head to toe in a puffy blanket with only my face and hands exposed. My room is screwed beyond belief.

Tonight was intended to be a homework-crushing night. But working in extreme winter-like cold is near impossible. I will post my accomplishments for the eve (and earlier this week) and let you look at it and laugh as I did not have as an effective night as I had wished for. Blasted cold.

Kitchen Layout

Technically you have seen this, but this is the cleaned up line work for the final. You will notice the missing table and bowl. They are the overlay and held-cel for the assignment and I didn't feel like scanning them.

Character Design

I have an otter. He crushes clams and eats them on his tummy as well as squishes his face in many cute ways.


Our next assignment is a still life (whoopee....) we had to do one in class, this is what I turned out in under 2 hours. Not awful. My final for this project should be up next week.


Everyone's favourite turtle murdering Italian brothers from Brooklyn. Tonight we watched Super Mario Brothers (live -action movie) at school. Obviously my inspiration, among other art I have seen. Woot!

That is all I have to say. My animation is on hold for the night, but soon I will crush it like a clam shell on my belly. Oh, otters.


I didn't want to make a new post for it. I finished my coloured Pink Panther Walk Cycle and added sound in Digital tools class today, and here it is!

Pink Panther Cycle: Colour and Sound

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Thanks again,

Jonathan Coit


Q said...

wow you are finishing up everything. stuff's looking really really good.

shaynsie said...

love the kitchen. LOVE IT!!!

Thomps said...

your in class painting looks really nice.. to be honest i like it more then the one you've done outside of class :S