Saturday, February 10, 2007

Son of a Batch (creeper edition)

Where to start? It seems like as of late I have only been putting up process animations and not any final works or animations. I have to work extensively on Young Hercules this weekend, expect the final in a few weeks. I am going to nab the Final version of the Pink Panther Walk Cycle and the coloured version for Digital Tools and throw them up on here soon. To hold you off, however, I have backed myself up with a long list of newly scanned art and such. See below:

Painting Class:

Science fiction, night and day scene. One is rendered digitally (for reference) the other in guache on an acrylic background.

Character Design:

An otter, my next character for character design class. Probably more to come on him shortly.


Literally just finished it. I decided to so a Firefly-esque kitchen, for layout class. I then coloured it Feng Zhu stylz in Photoshop.

Fan Art:

Ben Folds keeps me awake and rocking while making panthers walk. He deserves my gratitude in drawing form. (See below for colour W.I.P)

Personal WIP(work in progress):
Both of these have been put on hold until I have more free time.

And as promised in the title.. CREEPER DRAWINGS:

Jonathan draws super models from photo reference... creepy

Jonathan draws people at lounge night, maybe they should kick him out?

Many faces of the Trafalgar Rd. Food Court.

3 classmates.. Sorry Mitch, Adam and Wayne.

Until next time.. unless I die.

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Mitch K said...

Hey, I JUST saw this. haha Awesome. From now on, if you draw me, you gotta show me!

PS: Don't be afraid to be mean and make me really ugly -- that stuff is hilarious! =D