Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So here is another update. All text, so if you are looking for something pretty look at, hold on for a few days.

1. First things first, Emily got into Animation last night and I want to congratulate her on her success, she deserves it so much because she is a hard word and a very talented girl. Those in animation, keep an eye on her in coming years. I expect he to grow substantially in talent.

2. I have started working for my old tutor, Alex Sinenko (4th yr) colouring on his film. For grunt work is actually a lot of fun. It is also a great way for me to build up screen credit and apparently will become a great source for beer. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, Alex. I hope I can help out more in the coming week.

3. T-Shirts are going well (designs below) and we are expecting to hear back today from 2 separate faculty members about a larger order. Which is a great thing because it could substantially lower the print price of the shirts which means no losses on our part. For anyone who reads this you still have one day (WED 12-4) to grab your shirt. We expect them in 2 weeks.

4. My painting will be scanned when I get it back from Tim and I will throw it up on here. I am also 3/4 done my Rotoscope for DigiTools. It is a Flash file so I am expecting to throw it up on here as it is "technically" an animation. We get a new layout assignment next week, and got our new painting one yesterday. My portfolio for life drawing is due next week and I have nothing for it (xlife anyone?) and I will get my final animation for first year assigned to me on Thursday!

5. Looking for a website to host my website. I am purchasing a domain soon. PleaseOhPlease!

.. is that everything new? Feels like so much more. Oh, Colorado is still in the works is anyone knows info U.S. student Visa info please email me at


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