Wednesday, August 19, 2009

These are gross and rough but I am posting them anyhow just because I want to show nearly everything I do on ym film so people can see the process I am going through. These are a few ideas I have been having. Hopefully you can follow along.

The beginning is to show how the rat has used the "traps" to his advantage by using a trap with cheese as a slingshot to shoot a piece of cheese/food into the air and catches it. he goes to take a bite when he hears the rumbling sound (of the exterminators truck coming) so he gets out of his hammock to investigate. he has to hop up boxes to get to the window, which i want to through up the idea of adding character in the climb as he stumbles to get up it. Then he approaches the window and looks out.. to the exterminator intro which i haven't boarded yet.

Then there is the chase scene where he is running away and nearly hit a trap and it flies in the air.. that is small (2 panels)

then is the end of the film, where the rat is climbing up the exterminator and the camera follows him. he has the "poison hose" from the exterminators backpack in his mouth in an attempt to eventually poison the exterminator. This is a tricky shot to tackle because i want the exterminator to be moving a bit too.

I am 100% sure I am going to have to rethink a lot of these ideas, but this is a start. Also, Expect a "film themed" blog coming soon. Woot!


Andrew Murray said...

haha good work sir.

Qbum Lee said...

perhaps you should have some stuff in the bg showing that the rat has encountered exterminators before and won. but this time, they send a bad-ass exterminator to finish the job.

Qbum Lee said...

er.. you 'could'

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